Come for the day session and watch great dancing or cheer on family and friends! In the evening session, participate in social dancing at the Halloween Ball (costumes encouraged!) and enjoy a showcase of national championship-level talent.

Tickets are $5 per session and available with cash at the door the day of the event.


Saint Paul Student Center
2017 Buford Ave
Saint Paul MN 55108
(In the North Star Ballroom) (Map)

Schedule (this may change a bit)

Day Session

8:30 AM: Welcome! Registration
9:00 AM: Latin and Rhythm
12:10 PM: Lunch Break
1:30 PM: Standard and Smooth
5:00 PM: End of Day Session. Dinner Break

Evening Session

6:30 PM: Halloween Ball - General Dancing, Evening Show
10:00 PM: Good Night!

Minnesota Ballroom Blast is

low-stress, feedback-based, and designed to:

  • Provide social dancers and competitors alike with meaningful feedback from professionals they might not otherwise have access to
  • Introduce beginners to the general format of a competition in a low-chaos environment
  • Provide a preparatory event for those looking to compete
  • Allow couples to experiment with new choreography and costuming